Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion Statue Unveiling

Warren Entsch MP

QLD Police Service

Dance Team

Mens Dance Team

Warren Entsch MP and Vanessa Seekee with WW2 Veterans

WW2 Veterans Mebai Warusum and Awaite Mau

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Anzac Day Thursday Island 2018

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Queen’s Baton on Horn Island

Horn Island Baton Bearers

Queen's Baton being attached to Seaman Dan's walker

Kaurareg Elder Enid Tom with Hon Kate Jones

Seaman Dan starts the Queen's Baton relay in Queensland

Seaman Dan with Cynthia Lui MP with Mayor Vonda Malone

Commonwealth Games 2018 Queen’s Baton arrived into Queensland on it’s way to the to the Opening Ceremony at the Gold Coast.

Landing on Horn Island, the baton will visit 83 Queensland communities and be carried by more than 1800 batonbearers.

Accompanying the Queen’s Baton is the Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development and Minister for the Commonwealth Games Kate Jones MP, along with Member for Cook Cynthia Lui, who made history last year as the first Torres Strait Islander to be elected into Parliament, and Torres Shire Council Mayor Vonda Malone.

Ex-Pearl Shell Diver Henry Gibson Dan (also known as Seaman Dan) was the first Batonbearer to carry the Queen’s Baton in Queensland.

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Anzac Day Thursday Island 2017

Our Anzac Day Parade this year is the wettest I can remember. Despite the torrential downpour we had a decent turnout.

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Anzac Day 2017 Horn Island

This morning we held the first proper Anzac Day Dawn Service on Horn Island since WW2. Complete with Army Catafalque Party and Students from Tagai State College Horn Island Campus as Flag Party.

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Zugubal Heathrow

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WW2 Conservation Project Anti Aircraft Gun Pits

Gordon Grimwade supervising the Backhoe

Torres Shire Council Backhoe at work, Plotting room airvent in the foreground

Gordon explaining the conservation work to a group of our passengers

Ian covering over the concrete cancer in the plotting room

Sarsha, Vanessa and Glen have been clearing the top manually

John repairing Ammuntion Bays

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Freedom – Mau Power (featuring Archie Roach)

YouTube Preview Image

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Island home – Mau Power

YouTube Preview Image

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